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We are always working on different projects and we often research and produce products that we ourselves have worked on that we release for free. Below is a selection of these projects.


Mac OS X Screen Savers


One of our projects is a blog site and within this site we create various screen savers for Mac OS X.


The Scroller

Snow Leopard Screensaver showing all the scrolling opening text from all 6 of the Star Wars Movies, this was a concept screen saver to get to grips with font creation and spacing in OpenGL.

The Scroller Download 53KB (Unzipped size 193KB)



Baubles V1.1


This screen saver shows Christmas Baubles moving down the screen.

Download Baubles for Mac OS X Snow Leopard 1.4MB



Tetronimoes V1.6


This screen saver show Tetronimoes moving within a 3D (OpenGL) area.

Download of Tetronimoes (32 KB)
Download Snow Leopard Version



Let It Snow


This Screen Saver was within the top 3 downloaded programs on the website over the December 2008 period. With 80013 downloads in just one month alone it proved very popular with it's low size and small resource uses.


Download Let It Snow (84 KB)




About Our Downloads



All downloads are checked for viruses but we advise you use a virus checked on your machine as a precationary measure anyway.


We cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise from the use of this software, it is provided as is and is free.


Quick Access


The Scroller (53KB)

Screen Saver for Mac OS X

Screen Saver for Mac OS X

Let It Snow
Screen Saver for Mac OS X (84KB)